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Beginning with 2 brothers, Dogstrum’s journey is traced to a Seattle suburb basement filled with nothing but spare time and the desire to piss off the neighbors. Beer laden jam sessions centered around a beer box broom stick mic stand, led them to stumble upon weekly open mic appearances at the local Darrell's Tavern.

After a few months of confidence building, Dogstrum moved onto the local Seattle circuit. Growing up in Seattle during the 90's has lent Dogstrum their sound which has been lovingly described as “grump-punk” by local alternative weekly newspaper "The Stranger.“ With the addition of an Indiana native in 2015, this power rock trio consist of Jake Flatt (guitar/vocals), Cody Plaiss(bass/Po’ Brothers) and Trev Flatt (drums).

Dogstrum’s first EP, cleverly titled Murtsgod, was recorded and mixed by Ben Jenkins at The KillroomStudio in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. Shorty after the release of Murtsgod, Dogstrum was featured on the local radio station KISW 99.9 “The Rock” as the Loud and Local band of the week.

Dogstrum is a rock 'n' roll swirly of a good time, enjoy!

Dogstrum Testimonials!

“Dogstrum reminds me of bands on Hype! (Grunge documentary) and stuff from my school years, somewhat distanced from, that I'd missed out on. The sound makes one cozy. They play longer, and louder, and sound more like a grumpy smurf, and don't require a VHS player!”
-Dale Anderson, Darrell's Tavern


"Dogstrum is tremendous. Way better than any band you could possibly name. In fact all of those bands you thought of are zeroes...not Dogstrum. I could go on and on about Dogstrum. In fact I have, and I will. No one is better at knowing who Dogstrum is than me. Dogstrum reminds one of the good old days, when men were men and sheep were scared. They're great. Tremendous even"
-Donald Trump